Reimagine Belonging Website and Wings and Roots Initiative


What does it mean “to be American” today and how is it different from 100 years ago? The website explores how political, social and cultural events have shaped our understandings of citizenship, belonging and migration over time. Watch videos of young people who share their personal experiences and bring these conversations to your community. Become part of the dialogue by adding your voice.


Based in Berlin and New York, the crossmedia and multilingual initiative Wings and Roots produces films, educational curricula, and online-platforms. We use these tools to challenge rigid and exclusionary debates around the topics of integration, migration, and identity. Centering the stories and perspectives of young people, we foreground participation and dismantling racism to foster more inclusive societies.

The project was initiated by Christina Antonakos-Wallace in 2005 and has grown over the years to an active team of over 20 filmmakers, educators, designers, academics and programmers, as well as partners and advisers in the U.S. and Germany.


With Wings and Roots is a forthcoming 90-min documentary juxtaposing two societies struggling with national identity, the film accompanies four artists and activists from immigrant families as they struggle with questions of belonging and fight for more inclusive societies.

Reimagine Belonging is an international, collaborative transmedia project that produces tools to Reimagine citizenship, borders, culture, and identities by spurring dialogue about migration and belonging

This project amplifies critical and insightful voices in public discourse by centering the stories and lived experiences of young people from immigrant families, reframes migration not as a national problem, but a global reality, addresses cultural, racial, and religious essentialism in migration and integration discourses.

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