Short Film Where are you 'from' from?

Through the voices of ten young people living in Berlin, Germany and New York, USA, Where are you 'from' from? highlights the insight of young people from immigrant families in two societies struggling with migration, national identity and racism.

Residing on different continents but sharing similar questions and experiences, the interviewees reflect on their families’ immigration process, growing up with multiple cultures, and how they see themselves today. The video is a tool to lead discussions on complex identities, the impact of immigration, and many forms of racism, in the context of both societies’ increasing diversity. Both the film and accompanying discussion guide have been created especially for use with high schools students, in university classrooms, and in community settings

Genre: Documentary | Length: 22 Min | Year: 2010

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* 2011 Special Award for Culture of Diversity, Erasmus Euro Media Award
* 2014 “Active for Democracy and Tolerance” Winner, Berlin Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance
* 2016 Recommended: Federal State Media Center of Baden-Württemburg, Germany


Director/Producer/Editor: Christina Antonakos-Wallace
Co-Producer: Joroni Film
With Support from the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation
Music: Oja for Sunchild Productions with Lenae Harris and Sonny Singh
Production Team: Irati Elorrieta Agirre, Masayo Kajimura, Jacqueline Görgen, Josephine
Landertinger Forero, Hinna Jafri, Alejandro Naranjo, Amanda Nguyen, Inga Pfaferott, Yagi Taffere, Canan Turan
Post-Production Coordinator: Canan Turan
Contributing Editors: Gregor Bartsch, Gabriel Berretta
Assistant Editor: Siyawash Jekta
Translation: Nevin Duran, Olga Gerstenberger, Regina Knoll, Jennifer Theodor, Canan Turan


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When people ask me where I am from, I think to myself, I’m from New York. And then when they’re not satisfied by this answer, they’re like “Where are you from from?” like the extra from, will get the point across.

Dina Where are you 'from' from?