League against Colonial Oppression



Activism & Resistance Discrimination & Inequity

As a counter move to colonial demands, an explicitly anti-colonial movement surges in the Weimar Republic, which rejects any form of colonialism.

The „League against Colonial Oppression“ is significantly organized and coordinated by the Communist Party in Germany, which as part of the United Front policy of the Soviets aims to include progressive forces in the Western countries and drive forward the colonial liberation in Africa. This is why, under its clandestine leadership, black communists unite in various groups. They are mainly conformed of anti-colonial groups of Asian and African workers and students.

From Berlin and Hamburg these groups organize, often in secret, the foundation of revolutionary cells on ships with a black crew, the sending of propaganda material to Africa and the transfer of black communists to Europe. Furthermore, they publish a clandestine newspaper and organize various congresses for the black liberation movement.

In 1933, these organizations are excluded by the National Socialists. Many of the persons concerned are later on involved in political and syndicalist movements in various African countries.