Nuyorican Movement Celebrates New York-Puerto Rican Culture

1968 — 1974

United States

Activism & Resistance Media & Culture

In the late 1960s, a community of Puerto Rican immigrants in New York—who began arriving in the mid-1800s following the Spanish-American War (see also: New Colonies & Territories Shape Migration, 1898) —sparked an intellectual movement to reflect the experience of Puerto Ricans facing discrimination and marginalization. From the cafes of their Lower East Side, East Harlem, and South Bronx neighborhoods, New York-Puerto Rican writers, artists, and musicians adopted the moniker “Nuyorican.” The Nuyorican Poets Café and El Museo del Barrio became pulpits for icons like Jesus Colon, Pedro Pietri, and Miguel Algarin to produce art, literature, and music celebrating the Nuyorican experience and raising visibility and appreciation of Nuyorican culture.