Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this in my classroom or community?
Yes! Please use this website. We will continue to release materials such as curriculum and literature guides to assist you in doing this, so sign up for periodic updates. If you would like support from our team, check out our workshop and screening offerings.

Can I share my story or experience on this website?
Almost. We are currently building the functionality for visitors to add experiences to the Event section and a forthcoming Visions section. If you would like to submit a video for our Stories section, please email us directly:

Why are Germany and the US the focus on this website?
The U.S.A. remains the world’s largest immigration destination, while Germany is largest in Europe and third worldwide. Berlin and New York were chosen as emblematic cities of global migration to allow audiences to explore questions of migration and identity in their own society with a transnational lens. However, immigration is not an U.S. or German “problem” – it is a global reality. With time, we hope to co-produce historical timelines and story collections with partners in additional locations. Please be in touch if you would like to collaborate in some way.

Who are the people who were interviewed for this site?
The criteria for selecting interviewees were simple: the person must live in New York or Berlin and have either immigrated themselves at a young age or have been born to immigrant parents. We were committed to collect stories from various communities, experiences and perspectives.

How did you find the interviewees?
In our initial efforts were between 2005-2008, during which time we interviewed over 50 people. We received recommendations from various community organizations, as well as through the team’s personal networks. We continue to collect interviews in our workshops and add them to this site.

Who created this website?
Reimagine Belonging was created by the initiative Wings and Roots, a team of independent educators, media makers and scholars working for immigrant rights and racial justice. We produce media and educational tools to challenge rigid and exclusionary debates around the topics of migration, integration and identity. The team is based in various European and US cities and hail from many backgrounds – racial, national, religious, and linguistic. The project was initiated by Christina Antonakos-Wallace in 2005.

How was this website funded?
The vast majority of work done to create this website was donated, with over 30 collaborators. Supplementing these volunteer efforts, the website has received financial support from a EU Youth in Action grant, the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation; Humanity in Action, the Remembrance, Responsibility, and Future Foundation; and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.
What is the relationship between and the film “With Wings and Roots”? is part of the same overall initiative: Wings and Roots. Both this website and the initiative grew out of the documentary film With Wings and Roots. The film tells the stories of four young people from immigrant families who work for social inclusion. The site and film explore similar topics and were produced by many of the same of people, but use different forms. To learn more about the film, visit:

Can you recommend any other teaching resources resources?
Our product page includes a full list of our resources. Certain materials may only be available in German or English. In the Timeline section, we have included many resources in individual Events. In addition, we highly recommend materials produced by Teaching Tolerance, the Zinn Education Project, Facing History and Ourselves, Teach Dream.
Contact us if you have a resource you would like to share!

How can I help make this website better?
This website has been made possible by the work of many volunteers. We welcome feedback and collaboration, and regularly need support with translation, web-development, research, writing, and video editing. Please get in touch if you are interested!

How can I get updates about the project?
Sign up for periodic newsletter here. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to follow project updates as well as news, events, and resources. Website Walkthrough from With Wings and Roots on Vimeo.