Reimagine Belonging Curriculum

The Reimagine Belonging Curriculum consists of three modules: Migration; Racism; and Identity and Belonging. Each contains 3-4 activities, which are closely linked to this website and contain elements of the timeline and stories.

The handbook contains exercises that:

* Provide an introduction to media pedagogy
* Promote an understanding multiperspectivity of of history and stimulate critical debate
* Can be used in the classroom or out-of-school settings, independently or as an entire module

The activities are designed for different subject areas and are suitable for working with youth aged 14+. Many of the exercises are also transferable to adult education work.The activities are diverse and range from exploring labor migration or asylum, to reflecting on one’s own identity and experiences with exclusion.

Project Background

„(Un-)erhörte Geschichten“ [translation: Un(Heard Stories] took place in Germany between 2013-2016 in partnership with Cultures Interactive, e.V. with funding from the Remembrance, Responsibility, and Future Foundation (EVZ).

2013-2015, “(Un-)Heard Stories” undertook a process of gathering feedback on our Reimagine Belonging timeline from actors from academia and civil society through individual meetings and a day-long community feedback event. This feedback was instrumental in the development of the website content, a workshop series for teachers, and a weeklong youth workshop at school in Berlin-Wedding.

2015-2016, the focus was on the development of a 150 page curriculum on migration, racism, belonging and identity. We also conducted three day-long workshops on how to use this curriculum for educators in Weimar, Leipzig and Cologne. The guide is intended for school and out of school settings, and consists of activities for historical and political education, as well as storytelling and media literacy elements.

Project coordination: Olga Gerstenberger, Regina Knoll
Contact: info (at)

Funded by the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility, Future” (EVZ) in cooperation with Cultures Interactive and supported by: Alte Feuerwache in Berlin, Alte Feuerwache in Cologne, Berlin Migration Council, GLADT eV, Saraya Gomis and their class at the Ernst- Reuter-Oberschule in Berlin, Heinrich-Böll Foundation, Workshop of Cultures, EJBW in Weimar, Dok-Leipzig and Pöge-Haus in Leipzig.

Students explore the Reimagine Belonging timeline.

Reimagine Belonging Curriculum

Siyawesh Jekta

Berlin Community Feedback Event for the Reimagine Belonging timelines of migration, citizenship and belonging.

Lotti Schulz

Teachers during workshop in Cologne.