Article of Faith

We screen and discuss this award-winning 10-minute documentary about Sikh-American activist Sonny Singh and his efforts to combat bias-based school bullying.

Winner of the 2011 Media that Matter Change Maker Award, Article of Faith is a portrait of Brooklyn-based activist Sonny Singh. A devout Sikh, Sonny wears a turban and does not cut his hair. These practices make Sikhs the regular targets of Islamophobic harassment and violence in the USA. Fueled by his own experiences of discrimination, Sonny organizes Sikh youth from across New York City in a campaign against school bullying with the Sikh Coalition. Their success leads to a initiative protecting 1.1 million students from bias-based harassment. (2011, 10-minutes, Directed/Produced by Christina Antonakos-Wallace)

The screening is followed by an open Q & A or guided discussion about topics including post-9/11 racism and Islamophobia, Sikhism, and social justice.