Exploring Historical and Personal Narratives of Migration

How does migration shape our society, identities, and sense of belonging? As the U.S. and Europe increasingly militarize their borders, who is allowed to enter and who is excluded? For those who have arrived, how do our institutions, and communities offer possibilities to belong? How do we create new narratives, and share our voices be part of creating a more inclusive society?

In this workshop we work to address these questions through various media and storytelling activities. We will discuss how these issues relate to the participants’ personal experiences and work in the community. Longer workshops include simple video production activities, with participants creating short film clips.

– Introduction to the topics of immigration and belonging with a racial justice lens- focusing why people migrate, and historical patterns of inclusion and exclusion.
– Define and explore contemporary xenophobia, with special attention to post-9/11 Islamophobia.
– Engage in critical dialogue about our own migration and belonging stories
– Practice storytelling and interviewing activities
– Promote discussions about how participants can be allies to people most affected by racism and xenophobia.